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Teacher Resources

This page is designed to bring you useful resources such as videos and documents that can help you in your career as a teacher in Further Education (FE).

The Professional Standards for Teachers in FE

A video by the Education and Training Foundation.

Click here to read the Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers in Education and Training.


'How to be a good teacher'

Take a look at this great little video...

Continuous Professional Development what is it? 


(Oxford University Press ELT).

Click here to go to the Education and Training Foundation's support service for teachers and trainers new to FE.


Includes a phone line and email for contact.

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An Effective Teacher

Tips for new teachers on what can make you effective...

Working in Prisons

Some information on teaching in prisons from the Prison Learning Alliance.

PLA screenshot.jpg

Qualifications for ESOL Teaching

Some information from NATECLA on qualifications needed for teaching ESOL in the UK.

NATECLA teaching quals.jpg

Click here to read the Society for Education and Training's InTuition Magazine for teachers and trainers in FE.

InTuition magazine.jpg

Assessment for Learning versus Assessment of Learning


A video by the Education and Training Foundation

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