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Rachel is an English specialist with over 15 years of teaching Literacy, Functional Skills English and GCSE English. Below are some resources collated that English Practitioners may find useful.

Functional Skill English Assessments - a Padlet with links and downloaded assessments papers for Functional Skills English from all the Awarding Organisations.

FSE papers.gif

'Placemats' for English.

Placemats are an excellent resource for teachers who do not have a permanent classroom. Carry these placemats around to lay out on the tables, and learners focus on key topics.  Many of the examples in this Padlet are in Word or PowerPoint format and can be edited. However, placemats are super easy to make yourself. 😊

Placemants for English.gif

Infographics - infographics are so resourceful. You can use them for practising all 4 skills and embed maths (and any number of topics) at the same time 😊.


Free e-books for reading practice - links to sites that offer free e-books and graded readers for extensive reading practice.

E e-Books.gif

Research & Theory into Teaching & Learning of English. From vocabulary development to giving feedback. Some fantastic links to published research and theory. 

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