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Rachel is an ESOL Specialist with over 30 years of teaching ESOL and EFL. Here are some resources Rachel has downloaded that ESOL teachers will find useful. The sets of resources have been collated into Padlets. Click on each Padlet image to go to the Padlet boards. You can view or download all resources.

Mega ESOL Padlet - a Padlet full of resources for ESOL Practitioners with over 30 categories.

ESOL for Work / vocational topics- a Padlet full of links, downloadable resources and interactive tools. Some guides, suggested books and research papers too. 

Voc Padlet.png

'Learners New To ESOL' Materials- Links to all the resources produced for LNTE low-level literacy/pre-entry programme.


ESOL Assessments - a Padlet with links and downloaded assessments for ESOL from all the Awarding Organisations.

ESOL Sample Assessment Padlet.gif

ESOL Learner Materials- The original learner materials produced to accompany the Adult ESOL Core Cuuriculum.

Learner materials.gif

ESOL Resources from Talent- Remember the old Talent website? Well. here are some saved resources for ESOL.

Talent Padlet.gif

'English My Way'- Contents from the former site with resources for low-level (pre-entry/E1) ESOL learners. 


Enrichment activities - Ideas, links and contact details for a number of enrichment activities to bring any ESOL course to life!


This link takes you to all of Rachel's ESOL related Padlets.

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